Welcome to Öbergs Kafé and Visingsöstugor on internet! We have now closed for the summerseason 2012 and we will open for a new season in May 2013.

The Café

ÖBERGS Café has an old history. In spite of the main road running at the very doorstep of the cottage the silence here envelops and soothes you. The change of scene from the fressh breezes of the harbour to this safe haven where plain plain meets forest is inspiring. There was a café here as far back as the 20s. In the 30s the building was used as a weekend cottage for some time. In 1999 the café was restored to its origin and it is now running in the style of the 20s -30s. 

Most important is top quality. Here at Öbergs we have waitress service and bake our own bread. Take a seat on the veranda or in our tea garden, enjoy a crisp Danish pastry with your coffee or why not a prawn sandwich - something out of the ordinary. We also serve coffee and buns and filled baguettes. Cake and "sandwich layer - cakes" are made to order. We also provide picnic hampers for your bicycle excursion. 

When you sleapt a night in Visingsöstugorna you can eat a great breakfast at Öbergs. 

Call us if you have any question: +46 390-40688 

The Cottages

Welcome to Visingsö, the island of fairytales, in the lake Vättern. The island with its wonderful scenery reminds you of gone days.

Modern cottages: 4 beds, kitchenette, refrigerator, hot and cold water.

Showers and toilets very near the cottages.

You go by ferry from Gränna.

You can book the cottages by call us on: +46 390-40688


1 may to 30 september.


1 may-15 june
600 swedish crowns per cottage and night

16 june-15 august
700 swedish crowns per cottage and night

16 august-30 september
600 swedish crowns per cottage and night


There is much to see on Öberg´s Kafé, around the cafe, you can take a look at different types of museums all show you what life was Sweden in the past. We have our own "gas station" from the 50s, a museum about the farmers life in Sweden from the 1800´s, a house with four occupations, tailors, fishermen, carpenters and shoemakers, the house also contains a small shop from the beginning 1900´s. In 2013 we will open a new exhibition hall with 120 square meters of nostalgia.